Galactic Awakening, a place without answers.

Galactic Awakening is Tormod Leithe’s first album. It was intended as a private project, but now it’s out. The entire album was written and recorded in the studio in just two weeks.

The title, Galactic Awakening, is for all of us. It takes you on a galactic journey to a place where the right answers do not exist. Far away from the labels and systems. There is no science, religion or philosophy. What exactly is right or wrong? A place without answers.

The hope is that the album can create a landscape for the listener. A universe respecting each other. Standing together for something instead of standing against something. Peace, freedom and harmony.

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From a deep sleep,
the music started to rise.
Let the journey begin.


Let the journey begin

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1. Nothing

In the end, there was nothing.
Shame, guilt, failure.
The masters gave noe choice
but to surrender to the order.
Life under the dogmatic microscope,
a monitored prison.
Manipulation. Conspiracy. Predators.
Forced to follow tribes law.
A cold and cynical war.
And there it was.
The Galactic Awakening.
Banned, but free for the first time.
From a deep sleep,
the music started to rise.
Let the journey begin.
Galactic Awakening.


2. Doubt

Careful little mind what you think.
Careful little eye what you see.
Careful little hand what you touch.
Careful little heart who you love.
You’re a disgrace little one
Oh my God, what have you done.
Our most cherished
and long felt desire.
In a ocean of joy.
What is right and what is wrong?
Please hear my anguished
words of truth.


3. Awakening

False religion.
Monster preacher.
Trouble machine.
Peculiar system failure.


4. Alone

The great Communicator
is alive.
The great Communicator
is alive and alone.


5. Exodus (Doubt 2)

Please forgive me.
All the things I did to let you down.
Start all over.
To love again.
All I want to, is to love again.
All I need.
So it Begins.
The Exodus.
Galactic Awakening.
You are not a disgrace.
You have never been.
It was all a lie.
Now your mind
is free to think.
Free to see.
Your hand, is free to touch.
And your precious little heart,
is free to love.
Sail away, no shame.


6. Free

Apa kabar?
(Indonesian = How are you?)
Silakan… (Please, after you…)
Goyang ke kiri dan ke kanan.
(Shake it to the left and shake it to the right.)
Ma kasih. (Thank you.)
Asleep in outer space.
Banget deh!
(Indonesian slang = Awesome)


7. Hello

Let’s go!
In my spaceship made of plastic.
Just you and me.
It’s galactic – and fantastic.
Let’s go jump on the Moon.
We can ride the Milky Way.
Jupiter, and Mars.
Have fun on big Uranus,
and look at all the stars.
Experience – galactic!


8. Rest

Well, I didn’t see it coming.
Ahh, it’s like a breath of fresh air.
Oh my goodness.
I have nothing to say.
Siji! (Javanese = One)
Go for liftoff in T minus 30.
Roger that Houston.
All systems 5 by 5.
Four, three, two, one…
A moment of silence.


9. Everything

Be good.
Save the universe.
In the beginning,
there was everything.
Peace, freedom, and harmony.
It is all inside you.
Embrace it.
Your time is now.
The Galactic Awakening.
You’re the one.
La di da di da.
Just trust me.
I’m the one you love.
Now that you are mine, yours truly.
You’re the one I love.
Open your mind.
It is not science,
religion or philosophy.
Galactic sounds and melodies,
in all it‘s beauty.
Nature as it is.
Peace, freedom and harmony.
A dream.
A dream to make the universe
the place it was meant to be.
Love and give.
Without expecting anything in return.
Be the original you.
Shut down all computers and systems.
Galactic Awakening.
Come, let‘s orbit and spin.

Lyrics and music: Tormod Leithe.
© Galactic 2016, Galactic Awakening™.




Galactic Awakening
Galactic Awakening