Embrace and treasure the bizarre. Play more.

Tormod Leithe from Norway, Melhus. A rebel optimist, designer, genre bending artist, producer and label manager / Galactic / Studio Dynamis.

Plays instruments, and diverse old electronic gizmos. Loves to mix the electronic and the analog. Different scales, ethnic instruments, cultural sounds and folk music. Spontaneous moments of inspiration.


Label: Galactic

Do you want to cooperate? Do you dream of releasing you own music? Release your song. Worldwide. Your music deserves to be heard — everywhere.

Galactic & Studio Dynamis
Email: post@tormodleithe.com
Mobile: +47 91 66 15 87



  • Write your own vision and read it as often as you can.
  • Be yourself more.
  • Live with all the mistakes, also with what isn’t perfect. Show it.
  • Embrace and treasure the bizarre experiences.
  • Go for it! You have no time for uncertainty.
  • Listen daily to either Prince, D’ Angelo, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis,  MonoNeon, Mike Oldfield, Béla Bartók, Nino Rota, Claude Debussy, Louis Cole, Brand X or J Dilla.
  • Read MonoNeon’s Art Manifesto I & II.
  • If you get inspired – great, but find out why. Go and discover your own way to create, inspire and ‘make happy’.
  • Play more & find a shoulder to pat on.

Hello. Let’s go! In my spaceship made of plastic.

Just you and me. It’s galactic – and fantastic.


Foto: David Alexander Leithe


So it Begins! The Exodus. Galactic Awakening.
Now your mind is free to think.
Free to see.
Your hand, is free to touch.
And your precious little heart, is free to love. Anyone!